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The ToTem tables design a landscape.

They are similar but all different, like members of a same family.

Drawn by the superposition of geometric elements they remind of tribals object.

Stone, wood and metal finishing are combined to create eclectic compositions that make the whole vibrating.

The word “Totem” in the Ojibwa language (spoken by native Indians in the Great Lakes region of the United States) refers to a social relationship, to the belonging to a family or a tribe. Each clan was protected by a mythical being, materialized by a vertical votive sculpture, designed by a superposition of graphic elements.

The tables we created take inspiration from this concept, expressing the idea of clan which brings together as a whole different elements united by a strong relationship. In their shapes, the ToTem tables recall votive statues, stylized by superimposing simple volumes. In theirs compositions, ToTem tables enhance noble materials, coming from Nature to be perfectly in phase with their inspiration.

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