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Area Plus

Completely covered with rubber, Kona can take many forms.

Connected to the mains when it is on its base, it may look like a small table lamp, or turn the lampshade up, to become a torch. This is possible thanks to two areas of light that can be chosen.

A first diffusion zone is located on the cylindrical part to illuminate the shade when down.

Another set of LEDs is located at the top of the shade, to light the bottom of the cone, when in «torch» position.

The lamp can be easily removed and repositioned on the base. An USB plug connects the base to the power sector or a computer. Another allow the charging of a mobile phone, making it a perfect product for a desk or night table. The torch position is designed following this cone, as a materialization of the light. The same for the lampshade of the table position, which reminds of the archetypal lamp shade shape, a cut cone.

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